Getting around in Copenhagen

- and to/from Copenhagen Airport

When it’s summer in Copenhagen people jump head first into the harbor’s clean waters and enjoy the many outdoor delish eating and drinking options during those white Nordic nights. All year around you can go on a canal tour or rent a small boat to tour the harbor. Visit the many museums, the Queen's castles and enjoy the many green areas and parks and the amazing architecture. Copenhagen can also boast having the oldest and the 5th oldest amusement park in the world – Bakken and Tivoli. There are so many things to explore. You can take a city bike to explore, Copenhagen-style! – or easily use public transportation to get you to wherever you want to go.

Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport to/from other Danish cities

If you need to travel from Copenhagen or Copenhagen Airport to other cities (or the other way around), eg. Aarhus, Aalborg or Odense, the train is an easy way to get there. And along the way you can enjoy the beautiful Danish countryside through the train window.
Have a look at recommended tickets and at how to buy your tickets.

Getting around in Copenhagen

To/from Copenhagen Airport and city centre

If you enjoy spending your holiday in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, be aware of the great benefits and savings you can get from traveling with DSB. The large railway network in Copenhagen and in the areas around makes it perfect for traveling with train. Whether you are planning to travel within the capital, between cities or other regions of Denmark, DSB will be happy to welcome you onboard!
If you need to travel from Copenhagen Airport to city centre or the other way around, have a look at the tickets and prices here.

Make the best of your stay

Copenhagen has a lot to offer when it comes to attractions, museums, theme parks and great foods. Besides the most known and visited places, such as the Queen's castle Amalienborg, Copenhagen is a city that has its own pulse and feel to it. The European capital is worth a visit for many reasons. Copenhagen has a distinct Nordic feel, a friendly street-life and a unique café culture that will make you want to return time and time again. The city is perfect for wandering through at your leisure or hop on a bike, like many locals prefer for transportation.

Are you looking for inspiration for your next trip to Denmark? Have a look at VisitDenmark.

Copenhagen is a city that invites you to try many different activities – which makes travel time and transportation essential, if you want to explore it all. As a tourist in Copenhagen and the areas around, there are lots of great offers, when it comes to transportation during your city break. Take a look at them below and choose the one that works for you and your holiday!

Unlimited travel with a City Pass

Copenhagen’s public transportation network is one of the best in the world! You can easily and inexpensively get access with a City Pass. With a City Pass you get unlimited travel in the central of Copenhagen. Enjoy travels on busses, trains and on the metro for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours. Choose between City Pass small and large and travel in zones 1 – 4 (City Pass small) or zones 1 - 99 (City Pass large) and to/from Copenhagen Airport and the city centre with both versions of the City Pass.

If your city break is already planned out and you know that most days will be spend in the centre of Copenhagen, a City Pass is the ticket for you. You can buy all City Pass tickets in the DSB ticket machines at the train stations, in DSB Salg & Service at Copenhagen Central Train Station, on the website or through the DOT mobile app called “Mobilbilletter”. Get more information on City Pass here.

Copenhagen Card for fun and travel

With a Copenhagen Card in your hand you can visit more than 70 museums and attractions for free and easily use the public transportation system for free as well. You don’t have to worry about tickets, distances and prices when traveling with a Copenhagen Card. Combine your travel plans with exiting discoveries around the city of Copenhagen. A Copenhagen Card can be purchased with a validity period for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours. Within these hours busses, metros and trains are free of any charge, as long as the journey stays in zone 1 – 99.

Whether you wish to spend your holiday in the cultural centre of Copenhagen, in Tivoli’s fun rides or explore the Nordic kitchens – a Copenhagen Card will get you from A to B easily, comfortable and convenient. Purchase the card on stations in the capital, both for children and adults. Do you want more information? Read all about Copenhagen Card here!

Single trip tickets for the Copenhagen area and to/from Copenhagen Airport

If CityPass or CopenhagenCard is not the right ticket for you because you only need to use public transportation for one or two short local trips, then buy a single trip ticket.
You can purchase tickets at most train stations (in the ticket sale at Copenhagen Central Station/København H. and in 7-Eleven at the station) and from the metro ticket machines located in all metro stations. The machines accept Danish coins and all major credit cards. You can also buy a ticket on the bus, but you need to pay in Danish kroner.
Alternatively you can purchase a ticket by downloading DSB App for local tickets in and around Copenhagen. Choose English as the language in the app. The app is available for iPhone and Android:

DSB App for iPhone

DSB App for Android

Visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art by train

Buy a combined Museum entrance and return ticket to Louisiana Museum of Modern art by train. The ticket gives you access to the museum and includes the travel with DSB trains to and from the museum on a date specified by you.

Read more and buy your combined Museum & Return Ticket here

Exciting city break in Copenhagen – what to see

Explore the VisitDenmark website and find all you need to know about visiting the Copenhagen area – find out what to see, where to eat, where to stay and everything else.

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