Bring your bicycle on the train

Traveling by train and want to bring your bike? There are different rules and prices depending on the type of train you are traveling by.

bicycle ticket

DSB Bicycle ticket

Your bicycle works often as a passenger in itself – and therefore it need its own ticket. It is only in some of our trains, it is necessary to have a bicycle ticket – in other trains it is free to bring your bicycle. In Fjern- og Regionaltog you need to purchase a bicycle ticket. For example, if you need to go from Copenhagen Central station to Aarhus with your bicycle or other further destinations, then your bicycle needs to be registered and have its own ticket.

If you travel with InterCity or InterCityLyn, you need to purchase a ticket for your bicycle. With these trains you can also make an additional purchase a seat reservation for your bicycle. In that way you will be sure to have a seat reservation for you and your bicycle. The benefit when you buy a seat reservation is that you on the busies distances don´t need to worry about if you can get your bicycle with you in the train. In the summer from 01. May to the 31. August, you will permanently need to make a seat reservation for your bicycle if you´re going with InterCity or InterCityLyn trains. 


 Train type Ticket needed
 Fjern- og regional tog (e.g Copenhagen Central station to Aarhus)  Bicycle Ticket
 InterCity or InterCityLyn (e.g Copenhagen Central station to Aarhus)  Bicycle Ticket
 S-Train (the red S-train in the capitol region - lines A through H)  Free - no ticket needed

Bicycle tickets can be purchased in DSB ticket machines on all stations, in DSB Sale & Service or in 7-Eleven.

If you need to travel to a destination where replacements busses contain, you need to be aware of, that you can´t bring your bicycle on this part of the journey. You can of course get your bicycle ticket refund for the part of the journey that contains replacement busses.

DSB Bicycle –addional information

  • In Fjern- og Regional trains you need to purchase a ticket for your bicycle
  • You can purchase bicycle seat reservations for InterCity and InterCityLyn trains
  • From the 01. May to the 31. August bicycle Seat reservation is necessary when you are travelling with InterCity and InterCityLyn trains.
  • In S-tog you can take your bicycle with you for free.
  • In DSB trains it is not allowed to take cargo bikes, bicycle trailers or anything like that with you.
  • If you need to go to Germany via Rødby, you should be aware that you cannot bring your bicycle with you in the train.

You can bring your bicycle with you in the direct train (IC) to Flensborg or Hamburg or you can take the Intercity train to Flensborg and change to a DB Regional train.
Pre- order and reservation is necessary in all trains.

You can also get more information through DSB Udland +45 70 13 14 18