Environmental Policy

DSB's Environmental Policy aims to minimise the environmental impact of its services and related activities.

The main objective of our Environmental Policy is to utilise the advantages of the railway as an environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Our Policy has the following three key elements. We will strive to :

  • Contribute to reducing the environmental impact per passenger-kilometre
  • Do this by providing competitive transport with as little impact on the environment as possible, and
  • Ensure that all operational activities are planned and carried out with as much consideration for the environment as possible.

DSB strives to continue to improve on our environmental contribution and we are now in the process of incorporating for the following initiatives :

  • Lowering of energy consumption
  • Minimisation of air pollution (emissions) from train operations
  • Reduction of noise from train operations
  • Improving the handling of chemicals in our operations
  • Improving the handling of soil contamination and minimisation of the risk of diesel spillage, and
  • Improving our waste handling

DSB has just adopted its Environmental Strategy 2007 in order to continue the systematic work undertaken in the period 2004-2007. Among other things, this requires us to:

  • Integrate the follow-up on environmental goals as part of DSB’s other goal and performance management activities
  • Strengthen the cooperation across the organisation and leverage the synergies achieved through further development
  • Strengthen the internal knowledge of DSB’s environmental efforts and the significance of these, and
  • Improve the public perception of DSB as an environmentally responsible company.