Travelling to Sweden?
Be aware that you have to show photo ID

ID inspection

ID inspection at Copenhagen Airport on train journeys from Denmark to Sweden introduced on 4 January 2016

The Swedish authorities have introduced a requirement to check the ID of all train passengers travelling to Sweden. Therefore, passengers without photo ID will not be able to travel from Copenhagen Airport to Sweden from 4 January 2016.

No ID inspection is carried out when you travel to Copenhagen Airport. The ID inspection only applies to passengers travelling between Copenhagen Airport and Sweden.

Sweden has also introduced temporary border control in Hyllie, Sweden. Therefore, we encourage passengers travelling to Sweden to bring their passport or Nordic driving licence. 

The ID inspection may also affect other journeys to Copenhagen Airport – we therefore encourage passengers to keep up to date online by visiting Rejseplanen (journey planner), DSB App and

If you cannot find an answer here, you are always welcome to call DSB’s Customer Centre, who are ready and waiting to help on tel. (+45) 70 13 14 15.

The line map below shows how the trains operate from 4 January 2016. IC Bornholm has been replaced by replacement busses, operating directly between Copenhagen Central Station and Ystad, Sweden without intermittent stops.


Spørgsmål og svar

    • You CANNOT get to Sweden with DSB without photo ID.
    • The photo ID document must be an official document intended to identify the owner, and it must include the following information:
      • photograph of owner
      • full name of owner
      • civil registration number or date of birth
      • serial number
      • signature of owner
      • information about validity of the photo ID
      • information about the issuing authority
    • All passports, driving licences and national ID cards from EU and EEA countries (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Lichtenstein) containing the above information will be accepted.
    • Passengers travelling from Denmark to Sweden must show photo ID at the access checkpoint on the platform.
    • All passengers must change trains at Copenhagen Airport and pass an access checkpoint on the platform in order to travel from Denmark to Sweden.
    • You may use your passport, driving licence or other photo ID with a good likeness as photo identification.
    • Children under the age of 18 accompanying a parent with photo ID do not need to show photo ID.
    • There are two lifts (elevators) between Copenhagen Airport, Terminal 3 and the platform where the access checkpoint is.
    • The security firm Securitas carries out the ID inspection on behalf of DSB.
    • You CANNOT travel from Denmark to Sweden without valid photo ID.
    • Due to the ID inspection, the journey from Denmark to Sweden will take about 20 minutes longer.
    • There is no ID inspection when you travel from Sweden to Denmark.
    • If you are travelling to Sweden by train, we encourage you to plan your journey online at Rejseplanen which has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Changes to the time table from March 15, 2016:

    • The InterCity Bornholm trains from Copenhagen Central Station to Rønne are running according to a revised timetable. The trains depart from the Copenhagen Central Station track 26 and from the Copenhagen Airport Station track 1. We recommend that our customers plan their journey at
    • We advise our customers to show up at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure to allow sufficient time to the ID-inspection.
    • You must show your photo ID at the platform. It is not possible to travel with DSB to Bornholm without valid photo ID.
    • There are no changes in the schedule for the InterCity Bornholm train service from Rønne to Copenhagen Central Station. 
    • If you have bought a ticket to Copenhagen Airport or Sweden and you worry that the longer journey time from 4 January 2016 will mean that you will not reach your final destination on time, you may change your ticket/seat reservation to another departure. This applies to all tickets bought before 31 December 2015.
    • You may use your ticket for a departure of your choice on the day of validity. If you have bought a seat reservation for your journey, you may change it to another departure free of charge.
    • Tickets bought at points of sale or ticket vending machines may be changed at the DSB points of sale or by calling DSB’s Customer Centre on tel. (+45) 70 13 14 15. If you wish to have your ticket refunded, you may send it to DSB’s Customer Centre at the address: DSB Kundecenter, P.O. box 363, DK-2630 Taastrup.
    • Tickets bought via or via the DSB App are refundable until the day before departure via the link on the receipt or at
    • Discounted Orange Tickets may be used for another departure on the same day without a seat reservation. If you want a new seat reservation, you may order it on tel. (+45) 70 13 14 15 or buy it at one of DSB’s points of sale.

InterCity og InterCity Bornholm


InterCity er et tog, der kører mellem landsdelene. I køreplaner og ved billetkøb kan du genkende det på forkortelsen IC.
InterCity, der kører mellem København H og Ystad i Sverige med tilslutning til færgen til og fra Rønne på Bornholm, kaldes InterCity Bornholm. I køreplaner og ved billetkøb kan du genkende det på forkortelsen IC.